Which blind is good for the living room?

What Color Blinds Make a Room Look Bigger?

The shade of the blinds can affect the look of the dimensions of your room. The lighter shades can make a room appear bigger, while darker shades can make it appear smaller. This is due to light colors reflecting light, causing the room to appear larger and more open. Colors that absorb light are darker which makes the space appear smaller and restricted.

Here are the top shades for blinds that can make your room appear bigger:

  • The color white is the most popular choice to make your room appear bigger. It’s a light, neutral shade that reflects light beautifully.
  • The cream is a lighter, neutral hue which is comparable to white. It’s a little more warm than white, yet it still has a good reflectivity.
  • Off-white is a shade that is slightly darker than white, but still bright enough to make the room appear bigger.
  • Gray with a light hue is a neutral shade that is cool and light. It’s a good color for rooms that receive plenty of light.
  • Light blue is a soft, airy shade that can create a room appear bigger. It’s a good color for rooms that face to the east or north.

These are the colors to steer clear of if you’re looking to make your room appear bigger:

  • Black is the darkest color. Therefore, it can make rooms appear smaller.
  • Dark brown is a different dark hue that can make a room appear smaller.
  • Dark purple is a dark, deep hue with a deep, dark hue that can help a room appear smaller.
  • The dark green color is a dark, earthy hue that can create a space appear smaller.

These are additional ways to make your home appear bigger with blinds:

  • Pick blinds that are simple and clean style. Do not choose blinds with excessive detail or patterns because the pattern can cause the space to appear smaller.
  • Select blinds with vertical slats. Vertical slats can help make your room appear taller.
  • Select blinds that have similar to the color of the walls. This can help create the illusion of more area.
  • If you’re in a smaller space, you should consider installing sheer blinds. They let in lots of sunlight, making the space appear larger and brighter.


Question: What should I do if I prefer dark hues?

Answer: If you are a fan of dark hues You don’t need to completely give them up. You can still incorporate dark hues in your space However, you have to be cautious about how you utilize the colors. If you are using dark hues on your walls and furniture, you can neutralize them with blinds that are lighter in color. You can make use of dark hues for accent walls or furniture.

Question: What happens if I have lots of sunlight?

A: If your home has lots of sunlight and lots of natural light, you can apply darker shades to your blinds. Natural light can help to brighten the space and the darker shades don’t look too small.

Question: What happens if I only have a small window?

When you’ve got a smaller window that is small, you can make use of vertical blinds that make the window appear taller. You can also opt for sheer shades to let more light in.

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