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Wood Shutter


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Wooden shutters are a sort of window covering that goes directly on the window. The shutters’ frame fits into your window frame, resulting in a permanent window covering. Shutters are simple to operate once they’re installed. You may open the panels to enjoy the view or close them to have extra seclusion. When the shutters are closed, you may tilt the slats for more accurate light control. Closing them completely darkens the space, while angling them allows filtered light to enter.

Interior shutters are available in a variety of appealing styles. If you like neutral colors like white, cream, beige, or black, you may have painted wood shutters.

Real wood shutters are the most elegant and long-lasting window coverings. Wood shutters, as the title suggests, are made of real wood and improve not only the value but also the curb appeal of your property. To compliment any décor, the wood louvers are available in a number of finishes and stains, as well as slat sizes.

Shutters made of wood are excellent for limiting light, noise, and temperature. The louvers are simply adjustable so that you may allow in as much or as little light as you desire, or you can swing the shutters open to fully use the window. They are also great insulators, helping to keep your home’s temperature stable and decreasing outside noise.




Commercial spaces


Cord lock operation

Easy lift operation (For bigger blinds)

Motorization (Remote / Switch / Automation)


Slat size 35mm

Slat size 50mm