Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl Blinds


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Strongly convenient and fashionable

Vinyl blinds, also known as vinyl mini blinds, are a popular window treatment option due to their excellent light control and contemporary design. Vinyl blinds are a great option for most homes because they are a great combination of style and function. Vinyl mini blinds come in a variety of realistic textures, including grass cloths, grass weaves, stencilled fabrics, and others, allowing you to completely customise the look and feel to match your décor.

Available in a diverse range of colours and styles that can be easily combined with your current home decor. When shuttered, vinyl blinds help block UV rays from the sun and can protect one’s furniture, floor coverings, and other fixtures and fittings.

Additional privacy options for vinyl blinds include cloth tapes that can cover route holes to increase light control and confidentiality.

Vinyl blinds are excellent for controlling light. Slats can be tilted to let in as much or as little light as desired, and their lightweight design makes them simple to use.

Vinyl blinds come in a variety of beautiful materials, such as grass cloth, grass weave, stencilled fabrics, and textured slats. Vinyl blinds, from basic to decorative, will give you a modern look at an affordable price.




Commercial spaces


Cord lock operation

Easy lift operation (For bigger blinds)

Motorization (Remote/ Switch/ Automation)