Transform Your Space: Exploring the World of Motorized Window Coverings

With all the advances in technology available, we’re almost certain that something in your home is controlled. Because you appreciate the ease and convenience of the power of automation, so why not bring the same convenience to your window treatment? Motorized window treatments can increase the comfort and security of your home, all at a low cost. Here at Blinds & Design, we specialize in Custom Blinds & Design our company, we have a wide collection of Hunter Douglas window treatments and operating systems, such as the revolutionary PowerView(r) motorization technology. Find out more about the benefits for your home of blinds and shades that are motorized within Omaha, NE.


Shades or blinds that are motorized make it simple to alter your window treatments by pressing a button or a voice. If you own an automation system for your home, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, Hunter Douglas works with these systems in order to support voice commands. Make use of the PowerView(r) application for your tablet or smartphone and set up that your blinds’ motors move your blinds throughout the day so that you don’t need to. PowerView(r) comes with a Pebble Remote. PowerView(r) system is also available equipped with an accessory called the Pebble(r) Remote, available in a range of fashionable colors. They can be hung free or hung on the wall.


While blinds and shades with motors seem like something only meant for the wealthy and famous but they’re actually cost-effective. Additionally, PowerView(r) Motorization even helps you save money on your power bills. They’re powered by batteries so you’ll not waste energy when you use these devices. Also, your window treatments that are motorized are able to be programmed to close and open based on the outside temperature and inside, which means that the interior of your house is warm and comfortable, while your heating units don’t need to work as hard. This will save you time and money you can invest in things you’d like to.


Alongside the convenience and affordable, PowerView(r) Motorization also improves the security of your home. Since there are no cords hanging around, there’s less danger for your pet and children. Also, your shades and blinds are motorized and can be set to automatically adjust and your home will seem to be occupied, even if nobody is home. This means that criminals will take advantage of your home, and head to where they consider to be more convenient for them to attack.

Visit us today to find out more about the advantages of motorized shades and blinds from Custom Blinds & Design today. There are two showrooms that are easy to access situated in Lincoln as well as Omaha, Nebraska, and we are proud to provide services to the Omaha metropolitan region. We provide free consultations at home and you’ll be able to experience our products at your residence before you purchase. Contact us today and we’ll assist you in finding the perfect window treatment to fit any space in your home.

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