Living room blinds ideas that aren’t the same old, same old

Interiors magazines and websites are incredibly amazing and give you warm fuzzy feelings If you’re really interested in nesting or are in need of a revamp However to a large portion of people (including those working in the field of interior design) they may appear a perhaps …. Twee?

If you’re trying to find the most appealing curtains for your living space ideas, but you’re in danger of slipping out of the desire to live or contemplating if you’ve spent your life interpreting the meaning of words like “stunning,” “gorgeous,” “eye-catching” and so on This article is ideal for you.

I’ve spent the greater portion of the past month compiling this guide of the most stylish curtains for living room ideas for 2023-2024. We have taken into account the kinds of interior trends trending in the present, but which don’t also be a bit old-fashioned by 2025, and beyond. We’ve compiled these ideas for you, along with my suggestions on what blinds you should take a look at in order to get action.


1. What are the latest trends in living rooms for 2023?

Here’s a brief overview of the trends in living rooms in 2023-2024 I currently agree with, and have strongly ruled out anything that is a bit identical to what I’ve seen before or appears to suggest it’s likely to be dismal or aging badly in 2025.

The living room noir(ish)

Living room noir or noir-ish, is the type of style that requires an enormous amount of confidence to commit fully and, if you’ve got an uninspiringly small or dark-colored living room it’s best to steer clear of it.

But, even a moderate-sized living space and any big or high-ceilinged room can achieve this look. It’s not floor-to-ceiling unbroken dark blacks here. We’re talking massive black elements, or very dark greys, which can achieve the same effect.

This should be paired with a neutral and light color throughout your space, and if your space is already soft and neutral, then you won’t need to invest an enormous amount of time or money into pulling off the look of noir – the rug is a fresh, dark one blind, cushions, or curtains and, if you’d like to add a bit of money on the table or light shades, you’re good to go.

Bold geometric patterns

The bold, large geometric patterns have been popular for quite a while However, the style has certainly changed in the course of time.

I’d even go further and say there’s a distinction that is a bit blurred between what was the “old” version of this and the current trend. According to me, the original version featured deep/dark shades of royal blue, turquoise, and plum/red with gold, gilt, or rose gold overlay. quite simple and distinct, however, they’re also pretty much ruined because of your B&M and Home Bargains versions becoming ubiquitous.

The evolution of this model, the latest version, is just getting underway and there are several years of my view and it’s only beginning to get going. It also appears quite different.

Consider less gold and velvet two-tone boudoir, and instead think of more contemporary brights and mid-tones with lighter backgrounds and with less sharply edged edges or defined borders then you’re good to go.

Boho meets cottage-core

If you’re feeling extremely frightened that you’ve read through this, under the assumption that I wasn’t making “twee” only to read the word “cottagecore” a quarter of the way through, settle yourself, sweetheart It’s okay.

Boho cottage-core/new Cottagecore isn’t the multicolored, crocheted hash-up you imagine it to be and isn’t exclusive to people with furniture that is shabby and ready to go down the hill, this trend is actually a thing. Seriously, chill. See what I gave you:

The result is Boho cottage-core, where Boho finds a job that is respectable while not letting go of its roots and the cottage-core has no longer a relationship alongside its Nan.

It’s actually a pretty elegant look and it can be combined with the Roman blind that is, in case you weren’t aware is the most elegant blind that’s why it’s there.

Soft curves and soft forms

The use of texture in your living space has for a long time been well-known, but this huge-scale furniture-based curves or shapes something new, and is a great fit when you have a room that is very tactile or one that you’re trying to make a little more comfortable in terms the ergonomics. You can truly decide to go for it by incorporating it into your furniture if you have three piece suite amounts of money to spend However, if you don’t you have alternatives. Consider shaped mirrors, lighting fixtures, a big globe-shaped fish tank or plant or vivarium, a curvy rug, and other such things.

Paper, calico, and plant

Few things bring me back to my school days more clearly than a big round, paper light shade and I truly believed that they were the pinnacle of fashion when I was in my 20s. I’m not in my 20s yet however, I am in love with this… Together with linen fabrics, calico, and tones, all with a lot of lush green, lush delight.

Ceilings that are painted or textured and lighting

Ceilings may not get as much interest as any other area of the living space when it comes to design and design, not the least due to the fact that ceilings are a PITA to paint or access and the list goes on. It’s an unexpected surprise to me that 2023 appears to be a year for”the “statement ceiling” in interior circles. Which is fine and well if already have a good or intriguing ceiling, such as one that has beams or a stunning design.

If you’re still wearing the 1990s cake-frosting Artex as well as a rose for your ceiling? Nope.

But, if you’re attracted to this kind of style but a statement ceiling seems slightly out of budget or physically large statement ceiling lights are also trending this year. If you choose one that’s large and well-lit it may make sure your guests don’t miss the 1990s Artex cake-icing finish completely.

Accurate angles

In complete contrast to the soft curves and soft forms that I talked about earlier, I am bringing you a radical break from the usual terms of interiors; sharp, sharply angular style. This kind of style is generally stayed away from generally particularly in spaces we think of as comfortable like those in the family room and other than for modern rooms and concepts.

Because of this, and considering the type of hard-wired fundamentals of design that you acquire from very early when you study or work in interiors or design I couldn’t instantly pinpoint what made me walk into the set of interiors pictured below I exhaled a sigh of joy. exhale of joy.

It was then that I realized it was a subliminal message from my OCD tendencies, which was chiming into my mind with joy to praise the way “correct” everything is; everything is straight, aligned, and symmetrical but the overall effect doesn’t seem to be limiting because it’s made easier by the rounded edges of elements such as the coffee table’s design and the blind’s design and the throw on the back that is the back of the seat (which might appear like a casual piece, but is a guarantee that I’d be able to spend an hour making it my own and then never alter it back).

This is just a tiny sample of what I’ve seen and adore living room designs for 2023. Other ideas are readily available! The next step is to give you a few specific living room blinds options to think about if you’re renovating your entire space this year or are looking to refresh your windows.

2. Do The blinds I should keep me from (or out) in my living room?

There aren’t any ideas for living room blinds that you may enjoy but need to eliminate practically since your living space is not an area with practical considerations to take into account aside from the need to provide privacy, and possibly the requirement to block light.

Bathrooms and kitchens require waterproof blinds due to obvious reasons, However, in living spaces, any kind or style of blind is likely to work with no restrictions.

There are a few possible exceptions to this I’d recommend you consider/cross off, if necessary, are:

  • If you (or anyone who is) is a smoker in the area, you may be considering blinds with waterproofing for your lounge, even if there isn’t much humidity. They won’t look inappropriate in lounges (you won’t be able to tell they’re waterproof and don’t emit ” kitchen or bathroom” impressions) and they can wash them or wipe them clean to get rid of or stop nicotine residue from being deposited on them, creating a sexy appearance. Additionally, they don’t absorb the odor of smoke as blinds made of non-waterproof material will.
  • If you have children and they tend to lose control over their food or drink, or engage in a lot of painting, etc blinds that are waterproof for your living area could be something to think about.
  • If you are a fan of TV watching during the day or gaming, or you working from your home You might want to consider blinds that block out light, that is, excluding the use of night and day blinds because they’re not able to provide a complete blackout effect, however, unless you require an absolute blackout, or simply dimming your room doesn’t suffice, then this will not be a problem.
  • Many people would like blinds that block light in order to enjoy the view as much as privacy or to let in some sunlight without reflections. This could mean avoiding Roman blinds or roller blinds for the lounge.

It’s that simple! Blinds of every kind are fair game, unless one of these scenarios is the case, and even in that case, these are guidelines that are not guidelines.

3. Living room blinds for people with a limited budget

If your living room’s window blinds design ideas have to be found at the bottom of the cost range, there are lots of options for you. I’d recommend removing Roman blinds as well as real wooden blinds and even night and day blinds off your list. possibly faux-wood blinds, too since these can be the ones that are from the middle of the price range to those at the “ouch, how much?” The other end of the spectrum.

The cheapest living room blinds options to pick from are blinds made of rollers, vertical blinds as well as Venetian blinds.

Vertical blinds and roller blinds are among the most affordable blinds for living rooms in general however this does not mean they are expensive if you purchase good high-quality made-to-measure blinds! Our cheapest blinds with blackout begin from PS16.23 The most expensive most current color blinds begin from PS17.92.

Even the patterned roller blinds aren’t going to cause you any angst regarding price as we offer the latest roller blind designs available on the budget beginning at less than PS22.

In the case of patio doors, or an otherwise large or tall window vertical blinds are the best option. we offer affordable Vertical blinds from approximately PS11 and higher, though the price is for an extremely small window!

4. Blinds for living rooms Ideas for modern homes.

If your house is modern then you need to think about the function and design. Blinds of any kind are ideal for a modern house depending on the style and how it blends with the surrounding decor.

My top living room blinds that I have found for contemporary homes that have modern and modern decor is these black-silver vertical blind that would go well with the noir living room theme that I mentioned earlier. The Orla Kiely Roman blind could be a perfect fit with the same theme, and be a perfect match for a soft curving theme (other colors in this style may also be available) Also, if you’re trying to incorporate some of the vibrant geometric designs I have mentioned previously as part of your overall theme the Ankor Mango Roman blind will also fit the bill.

5. Blinds for living rooms ideas for homes with more traditional styles

If your home is more traditionally styled, it will appear stylish and cool, but stylish without “breaking character!”

I would suggest avoiding blinds for night and day or vertical blinds. You can also avoid faux-wood blinds in more traditional houses and also avoid some of the more contemporary designs if you opt for blinds made of rollers as well as Roman blinds.

Blinds made of wood are stunning in a variety of types of living rooms such as period properties and traditional designs from any time. This soft and cream-colored pink luxurious Daitan timber blind with beige ladder tape can add light to the room. If you want dark rooms its elegant cool-toned Sato could be the perfect choice.

Roman blinds are arguably the preferred blinds for the traditional formal, formal, or extremely elegant living space, and with good reason. These blinds are at the top of the list of blinds for windows in terms of design and quality. They possess a distinct presence in these blinds, in addition to benefitting from top-quality fabrics and the highest level of craftsmanship in the design process.

The soft caramel brown Roman blind can be used with various shades as well as the Plush Mocha Roman blind has a similar hue however it has some texture.

My top current living room blind suggestions If you’re searching for an elegant design or pattern to match your style. the Puente thistle flower Roman Blind is a multi-colored shade that offers all the possibilities that you’d expect from neutral shades but with an authentic personality that is it’s own!

There are a variety of patterned blinds to select from and come at a much less expensive price than a typical Roman. I am a fan of this contemporary subduedly-patterned Eden Green (on white) roller blind especially when you’re working with a Boho or cottage-core style or just a few foliage and plants, as well as lighter shades.

6. Blinds for living rooms ideas for small spaces

If your living space is tiny, you don’t wish for any one thing (including the blind) to take over the entire space and that could mean sticking with light shades and smaller prints in the event you decide to go with a patterned blind, but it’s not always.

If your walls are light or a room is rather light, you can certainly consider putting with a blind that is an extremely bold or striking shade, and if your windows are large or large, a blind that has an imposing and striking design can make the blind the background or central point of the entire room.

The blinds I’m loving for those who are on that way right now include the Fizz Sapphire Roman blind as well as this lipstick-colored (apparently… not my shade, though) blind that is vertical although this one is highly dependent on the room’s overall hue!

7. Living room blinds for cold rooms

If your living area is on the cool side (and not in a good kind of way) and a significant portion of it can be transferred to heat loss through windows, the ideal living room blinds suggestions for such a scenario are thermal blinds that are insulators.

The best quality Roman blind can cut down on the loss of heat, and you can even purchase both roller blinds as well as vertical blinds that have a thermal insulation fabric. I’d recommend that you use roller blinds as they are more effective because they’re constructed out of only one piece of fabric that doesn’t have joins where the louvers on vertical blinds would meet.

Blinds made of faux wood and wooden blinds designed for living rooms are fantastic insulators as faux-wood blinds possess an advantage in this regard because they are made from a stronger material.

The most stylish living room blinds options for cold rooms, also appear cool (see how I created that) and check the other boxes. For me the warm and trendy Magma fire roman blind (which also provides the effect of warming your room up as well)! Also, at a less expensive cost, you can get it’s a retro and chic Rhododendron thermally insulation roll blind.

My preferred faux-wood blind that can protect a living space from cold temperatures can be this warm cream neutral that has fifty-millimeter slats.

8. Living room blinds that reduce glare during the daytime viewing of TV and gaming

If you are a TV viewer during the daytime or are playing during the day or experience screen glare caused by the inconvenient combination of sunlight and windows it’s likely that you’ll need blinds that filter light, or in the case that you’re extremely passionate about these kinds of things and would like an immersive cinema or alternative-world adventure, your blind will be a blackout.

There are blinds that can tick both boxes; therefore which are the best living room blinds that will minimize glare while allowing you to pow-pow-pow the villains or catch your Neighbours’ replays with cornea-friendly peace? Vertical blinds block out light. It is also possible to consider blinds for night and day, Venetian blinds, wooden blinds, and faux-wood blinds to filter light however none of these blinds are able to achieve complete blackout.

My top three vertical blinds that are blackout for living spaces at the moment are this gray/brown Havana vertical blind and this gorgeous royal blue-textured vertical blind and this completely non-descript soft cream-colored vertical blind too.

9. Living room curtains ideas for large or patio doors as well as windows.

Finally, if you would like all the shades in your living space to match, and among the window that you’ll need to deal with is a patio, you may find that certain options are not on the table. Blinds that are heavier can’t be constructed in huge sizes, and even relatively light blinds such as rollers are limited in their size. This could mean you’d have to consider putting two blinds made of rollers together to cover the patio door because of their size limitations.

Vertical blinds can be constructed in nearly any size. They’re also available in an enormous assortment of colors and materials too.

I’ve already mentioned several different vertical blinds in various places in this round-up of top living room blinds for different purposes However, just to say a final shout-out to some additional options, what about this texture Planet Stone vertical or the Sweet Dreams Como in one of our most recent colors and this incredibly affordable Arcade Stone vertical blind for those with a budget (and those who aren’t on a tight budget in any case)!

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