How much should you spend on blinds?

There is no definitive standard for the price of blinds and the cost will depend on many factors like how big windows are, which type of blind you prefer as well as the functions you wish your blind to serve, and how you’d like your blind to appear like.

But, no one would like to pay for blinds and then discover they’ve spent a lot more than chance, and considering that this rate of rising inflation for the UK (at the moment of writing the date is May 2023) makes it difficult to forecast even basic things such as how much your average grocery shop will be this week, or the cost of household essentials This issue is more pertinent now than ever before.

In this blog, we’ll provide some basic information about the costs of blinds, the kind of price range is common, and what kind of averages that you may be considering for blinds of various styles and different size windows.

Also, take keep in mind that all prices in the guide are calculated based on the average UK prices at the time of publication in May 2023 and could be subject to alteration.


1. What should you budget on custom-made blinds as opposed to pre-made blinds?

To address the larger issue of what you need to pay for blinds in the UK I’ll approach it from the viewpoint of considering the average/reasonable price for blinds. I’ll also look at what you’ll have to spend to purchase a high-quality blind that can last for a long time and not cost a premium.

To this end, I’m going to start by introducing blinds made-to-measure vs. ready-made as this is crucial when looking at the value of blinds, not the price.

Blinds made from ready-made materials are usually less expensive in terms of initial price than custom-made ones. The cost of made-to-measure blinds maybe twice or more than this, but ready-made blinds are generally intended to last several years before they become functionally unfit, and tend to appear old and worn out much sooner too.

Blinds made-to-measure from reliable retailers are made to look great and function well for more than a decade and, often, they will last much longer.

Then, imagine that a ready-made blind costing you PS30 however it only lasted two years. However, the same made-to-measure blind would cost PS60 but last for 10 years.

When you reach the close of the decade the custom-made blind you made will cost you only PS60 for the entire blind, however, you’d likely invested PS150 on blinds made to order at the time, and the blinds you bought ready-made could have spent most of the time looking cheap and may not be able to fit in the window.

Which kind of blind is the most affordable? The standard blind appears inexpensive, but the custom-made blind is actually more affordable, even though it’s not as appealing!

I’m glad that “she would say that” since I/we offer custom-made blinds in English Blinds… However, there’s a reason behind this and everything I’ve spoken about the cost/value comparison between made-to-measure versus ready-made blinds is easily verified!

In this regard, the amount you need to invest in blinds within the UK is largely dependent on being sure to invest the correct amount to purchase an extremely durable, high-quality blind, instead of spending just the minimum of the initial cost, but you have to keep putting your wallet in every few years or even more often if the blind begins to appear worn out before it starts to fail.

When comparing the cost of pre-made blinds versus custom-made blinds, I recommend looking at the initial expense for each blind, as well as their expected lifespan, and then using the basic calculations to determine which blind provides the greatest value instead of the one with the least initial cost of outlay.

For instance, to get an already-made blind with an expected lifespan of 2 years to be worth more than a custom-made one that has a expected longevity of 10 years the blind that is ready-made should be at minimum five times less expensive.

However, the fact that it’s more affordable long-term (spoiler that it isn’t) the decision to go with this option is also based on the assumption you’re willing to put in the effort of purchasing a new one every two or three years and also removing one blind, repainting the wall, and then hanging an entirely new blind that is almost certain not to include screw holes on the exact locations as the previous one!

2. What is the cost for blinds of various kinds in comparison?

In the example for various size windows below, I’ll provide a price guide for various sizes of windows that are suitable for blinds from the middle, bottom, and upper end of the cost scale. However, if you’re trying to determine how the various types of blinds are compared to each other, like for like, and using this as a rough guide using high-quality made-to-measure blinds below are some of the average prices for May 2023 for windows that measure 100cm wide and 120cm in length.

It’s clear that similar costs of some kinds of blinds are quite similar and a Venetian blind and a faux wood blind, for instance, only is a few PSPS distinctions and less than 10 dollars between the three blinds.

On the upper end of the cost scale prices do get more distinct and begin to increase, but for the majority of blinds, other than those that are more expensive do not be surprised to discover that there’s usually little to no value and possibly even a price reversal for bigger window sizes as well.

3. How much do you need to spend on blinds that are small for your windows?

It all depends on the kind of blinds you’re looking for blinds that are on the lower end of the scale, such as roller blinds, will typically cost less than blinds on the top end of the price range, like Roman blinds. At the mid-end, there are faux-wood blinds as well.

For the sake of efficiency, here’s an example of what would be an appropriate price to buy blinds for a smaller window that is, for instance, 45cm wide x 60cm long, from the bottom, middle, and top of the blinds for windows cost range for high-quality custom-made blinds:

As you can observe, there’s an incredible variety of options available! These prices are based on basic high-quality designs of standard window blinds. They are meant to serve as a general guide only.

4. How much do you need to invest in blinds for medium-sized windows?

Making the same comparison as close to a like-for-like comparison as we can get with good quality window blinds that fit the medium-sized windows 100cm wide and 120cm in length, using the same blinds that I have used in calculating the costs above:

5. What should you budget on blinds for big or high windows?

What should you pay on blinds for a large window? Based on an example of window dimensions of 180cm wide and 200cm in length, the costs are:

  • The cost of a roll-blind for large windows cost from PS50.
  • A faux-wood blind that fits windows with a lot of space is priced at PS122.03.
  • The cost of a Roman blind that covers a large window is priced from PS311.60.

6. What should you budget for blinds for your patio doors?

Naturally, the bigger your windows are, the more expensive your blinds will become! Blinds of various kinds are available at various places in relation to the biggest size that they can be constructed in because of the logistics involved in making and shipping them and the weight of hanging as well as operating.

It means when it comes to large windows such as patio doors, certain types of blinds won’t be part of the picture instantly. This is the case for blinds with heavy materials like faux wood and, generally speaking, Roman blinds and real wood blinds as well.

Certain kinds of blinds such as roller blinds can be placed with each other in the window in order for the user to select them without worrying about weight or logistics, but the only kind of blind that can be constructed in almost any size and without difficulty is vertical blinds.

This is why the majority of the blinds used for outdoor doors are vertical and roller blinds with multiples or in pairs being next. Night and day blinds can also be used when they are abutted. Venetian blinds could be an option, however, they are likely to create large slats on top when opened, which means they’re not the best choice for use on patio doors.

When you look at roller blinds, vertical blinds, or night blinds to cover patio doors the vertical blinds you choose can be constructed in one piece however you’ll require 2 roller blinds, or night and day blinds with a half-width each, to fill the area.

In this context What is the price of blinds to cover patio doors at different prices on the range? For patio doors that measure 3m/300cm wide and 2m/200cm high, These are the numbers.

  • The cost of a pair of blinds with rollers for your patio doors cost from PS95.60.
  • The cost of a single horizontal blind designed for patio doors is priced from PS158.29.
  • A set of night and day curtains for your patio costs PS239.40.

7. What is the cost for blinds that you can use in rooms that are humid or wet as compared to standard blinds?

Blinds designed for rooms like the kitchen as well as bathrooms require waterproofing as well, something that isn’t an element of blinds that are standard. Blinds that are waterproof are constructed from either PVC or vinyl in the form of vertical blinds or roller blinds.

How much do you have to pay for blinds that are waterproof compared to regular blinds made of polyester?

For a space of 100cm wide and 120cm long Here are the latest prices.

For roller blinds:

Vertical blinds for vertical blinds:

  • A blind that is not waterproof costs PS38.93.
  • A vertical blind that is waterproof costs PS52.10.

8. How much do you need to spend on blinds that are thermally insulated? blackout linings?

Many opt for blinds with blackouts to cover the privacy of their bedroom or other areas where the room must be completely dark. These blinds could be constructed with a specific blackout coating over the back or with an additional liner to accomplish this.

The next step from that is to opt for blinds that are blackout which have linings specifically designed to add an extra layer of insulation for the window and help stop draughts from entering and also reduce the amount of energy you use to heat your home in winter.

Even in the summer, blinds made of an insulating thermal lining could aid in keeping the hottest of the sun from space and absorbing excess heat away before it has the chance to accumulate.

Blinds that are insulated for windows with thermally insulating blind will assist you in reducing your heating expenses, as long as you ensure that the blind is fitted to the window in the right way and is closed when it’s cold therefore, when it comes to top-quality custom-made thermally insulation blinds can be able to pay for themselves, and some in the course of their life span.

However, how much will these blinds cost and is it worth the extra expense of thermally insulated blinds when compared to standard blinds of identical design? Here are some comparisons of the cost you can expect to pay on blinds with a thermo insulation lining as compared to standard blinds that have the same lining that is based on blinds for windows of 100cm wide x 120cm in length.

For roller blinds:

  • typical roller blind costs PS26.90.
  • A thermally insulated blind roller is priced at PS38.57.

Vertical blinds are suitable for:

It’s also important to note that Roman blinds as well as wooden blinds and faux-wood blinds, respectively, are natural insulators and are also able to insulate windows similar to the blinds mentioned above. Here’s a brief guide to the amount you’ll need to pay for blinds of these kinds to insulate windows of 100cm wide and 120cm long.

9. What is the cost for blinds, compared to curtains?

In the end, if you’re trying to plan your window treatments and your budget is an important issue, which is more economical curtains or blinds? It’s largely dependent on the type of blinds you select (as you can observe from the types of variation in the examples above) and the most expensive, luxurious types of blinds like Roman blinds are likely to be priced around the same amount or higher than comparable styles and quality curtains.

However, toward the lower portion of the blinds cost scale, the more affordable options of blinds such as roller blinds are almost always less than comparable high-end curtains. Therefore, you’d expect to spend less on blinds until you get into the realm of Roman blinds and real wood blinds as well as night and day blinds, respectively.

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