How far should vertical blinds be off the window sill?

Vertical blinds are an increasingly popular choice for window treatments since they are simple to install and cost-effective, as well as offering many choices for privacy and control of light. When installing vertical blinds it is essential to figure out the appropriate distance from windowsills.

How much distance should vertical blinds extend away from windowsills?

There isn’t a universal answer to this question because the best distance can vary according to the window as well as the design you’d like to achieve. But, as an overall rule vertical blinds must be placed to ensure that the top of the slats sits about 2 inches higher than the windowsill. This allows the blinds to completely over windows when shut yet still allow for sunlight to come in when they are open.

Here are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding the distance to which you should install Vertical blinds

  • The window’s height. When the windows are high then you might want to place the blinds closer to the sill so they do not block the view.
  • The design is the style of your room. If the room is a traditional design then you might want to place the blinds closer than the sill. If the room is a more contemporary look then you might want to set the blinds farther off the sill.
  • Your own personal preferences. In the end, the best way to figure out the best distance to put your vertical blinds in is to play around and discover what will look best in your space.

FAQs on vertical blinds

  • Do vertical blinds need to be able to touch the flooring?

Blinds that are vertical should not be placed on the floor. They can gather dust and dirt which is difficult to remove. It is recommended to leave a space between the blind’s bottom with the ground.

  • Vertical blinds are difficult to set up?

Vertical blinds are fairly simple to put up. The majority of kits include all the hardware needed as well as instructions. If you’re not confident making them yourself it is possible to hire an expert.

  • How long can you stretch Vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds can be constructed in different sizes. The most commonly used dimension is 2 inches, however, they can also be constructed in 3-inch or 1-inch widths.

  • You can alter the colors of the Vertical blinds.

You can alter the colors of vertical blinds by buying new slats. The majority of manufacturers have a range of shades to pick from.

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