How close should the blinds be to the window?

How are blinds supposed to be situated in relation to the window?

The optimal distance between blinds and windows should be as close as possible between 25 and 50mm. This will allow for maximum privacy and control of light and will also increase the efficiency of energy use in your home.

There are a few variables that could influence the perfect distance between windows and blinds like:

  • The kind of blinds that you own. Certain blinds, like Roman blinds, are more designed to be hung out of within the recess of your windows.
  • The thickness of your window frame. If the window frame is thick it may be necessary to hang your blinds farther than the frame in order to give enough room for them to be operated.
  • Your individual preferences. Certain people prefer greater space between their windows and blinds either for aesthetic reasons or to let more light into.

The best method to determine the best distance between windows and blinds is to test and discover the best solution for your needs.


Q What are the advantages of hanging blinds near your window?

  • Better control of light: Blinds installed close to the windows will offer better control of light. This means that you’ll have the ability to shut more light when you need privacy, but let in more light when you need to brighten the room.
  • Privacy enhancement: Blinds that are installed close to windows will also give you more privacy. This is particularly important for those who live in bustling areas or whose windows are located near a street.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Blinds placed near the windows can assist in increasing the efficiency of your home. This is because they aid in keeping heat out of the winter months and cool air inside the summer.

Q What are the cons of hanging blinds near windows?

  • Could block light If the blinds are placed close to your window and block a certain amount of light from coming into the space. This could be a problem should you want to let in as much light as you can.
  • Could become difficult to control: If your window frame is large it could become difficult to operate blinds placed just inches from the window. This is because you’ll require greater reach so that you can adjust your blinds.
  • Might not look like the original HTML0: Some people prefer the appearance of blinds that are hanging closer to the window. It’s all something that is a personal preference.

Question: How can I determine the perfect distance between windows and blinds?

To determine the proper distance between windows and blinds You will need to determine the width and the height of the window frame. Add 25-50mm to every measurement. This will provide you with the ideal height and width of your blinds.

A: What happens if I’ve already put up my blinds but they’re too far from my window?

If you’ve already put up your blinds but they are too far from the window, you could relocate the blinds to a closer distance or substitute your blinds with shorter lengths.

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