Are wooden blinds in style 2023?

Wooden blinds will never go out of fashion since they have a timeless appearance that goes with virtually any style or theme time frame and isn’t the type of blinds that age in a way that makes them look old-fashioned after an arbitrary point.

Blinds made of wood that have ladder tape are becoming more and more popular lately, in particular as they provide an additional possibility to customize your blind using a complementary or different color that works with the style or theme of your room. In addition, they protect the lift cords as well as the tiny holes allow the blind to attain an extra amount of darkening the room when it is closed.

Why do wooden blinds look so trendy in 2023/2024?

Blinds made of wood are available in a variety of wood finishes and stained and painted finishes that allow you to choose the style that is suitable for your space. Blinds made of wood are well-known because they are made from an organic material.

That means that if you purchase from an authentic retailer who guarantees the sustainability credentials of their blinds buying blinds made of wood is an investment in a product that is sustainable, is harvested and grown ethically, and does not cause climate change deforestation, or destruction of the natural habitats.

Regarding style, wooden window blinds can be used in almost any kind of space from an extremely classical or traditional one to a contemporary one. They are able to block light with the way they are placed and are in a position to block it completely. They give you complete privacy control and also give you the possibility of looking outside without allowing others to see the interior of your space clearly, or with no effort.

Wood is also a natural insulation that helps keep the heat to the interior of your home They’re also built to last for more than 10 years in regular use (once more it’s the case if you purchase made-to-measure wood blinds from a reputable store) and, with their timeless design and timeless style, they’ll never be outdated after the decade is over.

Are faux-wood blinds popular too?

Indeed, fake wood Venetian blinds have surpassed real blinds made of wood in terms of their popularity in recent years as well. They appear almost identical to those made from real wood but they’re also cheaper to purchase.

They’re made from durable rigid PVC instead of real wood. This can remove them from the market for those who prefer natural materials whenever you can or you’re set on real wood however, this does make them waterproof, which makes them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and “dry” rooms of the home.

New styles of wooden blinds for 2023

Blinds made of wood have been a part of our selection since the first time we started our business in the 80s and they’ve been popular ever since. We’ve recently widened our selection of high-quality, custom-made wooden blinds, which now includes an exclusive selection of sustainably harvested wood blinds constructed from bamboo as well as Abachi and the popular basswood.

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