Are Blinds Included When You Buy a Home?

If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, you might be wondering if blinds can be considered to be a personal property or are included in the sale of the house. If you’re a first-time buyer We’ll tell you the information you should be aware of when buying a house.

Are Blinds Considered a Fixture When Selling a House?

The regulations vary from state to state however, generally, any item that is permanently affixed to the property using glue, nails pipes, cement, or screws is deemed to be an integral part of the property and “conveys” when you sell. This includes interior shutters, blinds, and shades, all of which are fixed to window frames.

The only exception is if the item is mentioned in the seller’s disclosure to the property that does not convey. Be sure to define the “window treatment” you’re talking about in the disclosure. This includes blinds and shades, curtains, or even rods for curtains. Check out the following article for more information on curtains.

Are Curtains and Curtain Rods Included in the Sale of a House?

Curtains are in a gray zone when it comes to purchasing homes, so it is always better to inquire for clarification. The majority of the time curtain rods are regarded as fixtures due to their attachment to the wall. However, curtains tend to be considered private property since they are able to be removed from the rod. Some buyers think that the drapes they purchased are part of the sale since they were specifically designed for the room however this is not always the scenario.

Make sure you verify that curtains or rods will be included in the deal. Also, make sure to record any responses in writing, as part of the contract. It’s better to be clear early and avoid conflicts with regard to minor issues when negotiations are in progress.

How to negotiate window treatments to be included in the purchase or sale of a house

If You’re Selling:

If you’d like to bring the window treatments with you in the event of moving your home, the most effective option is to get them removed or replace them with a less expensive version prior to listing your home. If you’re unable to do that, be certain to specify the items that remain and what is included in the disclosure to sellers as well as all marketing documents. So buyers are clear about what they will receive when they submit an offer.

If you decide to keep your curtains when you’re more advanced with the sale process consider discussing your choices with your realtor and the buyer. Certain homeowners might want to purchase their own window treatment. However, if they’re looking to keep the current window treatments, you might need to take them off or incorporate this to be included in the sale. Whatever you decide to do ensure that you have the agreement in writing in the form of a contract.

The worst thing you could do is to take off all the blinds you have when you are moving out and hope that the new owner does not be aware. The idea of swapping them out for a cheaper version hidden isn’t a wise option also. You could be required to return the blinds or grant the buyer credit for their worth. This could result in the sale not going through or even a court case before a small-claims court.

Before you begin to fight tooth and nail to get your window treatments, keep in mind that there’s no “standard size window” and the blinds you have are likely to not fit in the windows of the new house you’ve bought. It’s not going to give an elegant style when your windows aren’t completely covered or your blinds are too small. It’s always better to begin fresh and make your windows have a fresh style.

One option for making window treatments to fit various window sizes is curtains. These are often hemmed or hung at different lengths. Be sure to inform the purchaser that you’ll be taking your curtains along with you. Refer to our article on curtain for more information.

If you’re looking for assistance with the installation of new window treatments, take our BlindFinder test or contact a blindstown Designer. When your renovation list is already long, make it easier by hiring the help of a professional installation.

What Do I Need to Buy a House?

If you’re looking to ensure windows are part of your purchase of a home, look over the contract to see whether they’re specifically mentioned. If not, then have your agent ask for the seller to update your contract with a written statement. It’s all negotiable. However, it’s better to begin these discussions early so that they won’t impede the selling process.

When you’re negotiating for curtains, or window treatments make sure they’re in keeping with the furniture that you’ll be using in the space. You don’t want to be fighting over something only to discover the next day that it’s not working.

If you don’t have windows, that’s nothing to worry about. You can make your windows fit your preferences, instead of choosing to stick with what’s already there.

If you’re a new homeowner and need assistance in getting started, consider using our BlindFinder test or speaking with one of our experienced Designers. In the event that your house improvement list is already miles long, you can make the task easier by having a professional installation.

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