What kind of wood should I Select for my real wood blinds?

Blinds made of real wood are a timeless and stylish option for window treatment. They are available in a range of different woods, each one with its own distinct style and feel. When selecting a material for your blinds made of real wood There are a few things to take into consideration.

  • The climate of the area you live in. If you live in a coastal or humid area, it is important to select a wood that’s resistant to humidity. The best choices for humid environments are teak, mahogany, and oak. If you reside in a dry location you are able to choose any kind of wood however, you must make sure to seal the blinds in order to shield them against the weather.
  • The design that your house has. If you have an old-fashioned home then you should choose an oak that is traditional and timeless, like mahogany, or even oak. If you’re in a contemporary home, pick a lighter type of wood like birch or maple.
  • Amount of sunlight that you would like to allow in. If you want to let in lots of light, you’ll need to pick wood with thin slats. If you’re looking to block more light from entering then you should select a wood that has thicker slats.
  • Budget. Real wood blinds vary in cost between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Make sure you consider your budget when you are making a decision.

Here are a few of the most sought-after woods that are suitable for blinds made of real wood:

  • Basswood. Basswood is a light and easy-to-work wood that is frequently used to make real blinds made of wood. It comes in a range of finishes and colors, making it an ideal option for homes of all kinds.
  • The maple. Maple is a tough and durable wood, which is renowned for its gorgeous grain. It’s a great option for blinds made of real wood in areas that are heavily used.
  • Oak. Oak is a sturdy and durable wood available in a range of shades. It is an excellent option for blinds made of real wood in homes with traditional architecture.
  • Mahogany. Mahogany is a dark and rich wood, which is renowned for its opulent appearance. It is an excellent option for blinds made of real wood in formal settings.
  • Teak. Teak is a water-resistant wood, which is commonly utilized for furniture used outdoors. It is an excellent option for blinds made from real wood in coastal or humid areas.


What’s the main difference between faux wooden blinds?

The real wood blinds are constructed from solid wood. In contrast, faux wood blinds are constructed from a composite created to look similar to wood. True wood blinds are more costly as compared to faux wooden blinds but they’re also more durable and last longer.

What’s the most suitable material for blinds made of real wood?

The ideal wood for blinds made of wood is determined by your preferences and personal needs. A few good options include oak, maple, basswood mahogany, teak, and more.

What is the best way to take care of genuine wood blinds?

Blinds made of real wood need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure they look the best they can. They can be cleaned using gentle cloths and moderate soap as well as water. Also, you should use a wooden conditioner on the blinds once every couple of months to keep them safe from weather and other elements.

How long will genuine wood blinds last?

The real wood blinds will last for a long time provided they are maintained properly. The lifespan of the blinds will vary on the kind of wood used, the finish, as well as the conditions in which they are employed.

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