How to Measure and Install Blinds and Window Shades

These are steps for how to measure and set up blinds and shades for windows:

  1. Select the kind of mount you want. Two ways to hang blinds and shades both inside or outside mount.
    • inside mount Blinds, shades or blinds can be hung within the frame of the window. The most commonly used kind of mount.
    • Mount outside: Blinds, shades, or blinds can be hung on the wall, outside of the frame of the window. This kind of mount is usually used on windows that are big or with moldings that block the inside mount.
  2. Find the windows. When measuring shades or blinds it’s crucial to measure the window’s opening and not the window frame.
    • Width Take the measurements of the window’s opening between the middle, top, and bottom. The smallest measurement is the size of your blinds or shades.
    • High: Find the highest point of your window opening on the middle, left, and right. The biggest measurement is that of the shades or blinds.
    • The depth of the frame: If you are installing your blinds or shades inside the frame of your windows determine how deep the frame is. This will determine the depth your shades or blinds can be.
  3. Blinds and shades. When ordering blinds or shades, make certain to include the exact measurements that you measured in Step 2. You might also need to specify what kind of mount you’re using.
  4. Install your shades or blinds. Follow the instructions included with your shades or blinds to put them in place.


A: What happens if my window isn’t of an appropriate size?

For a Window that isn’t a standard size, you might need to get your shades or blinds custom-designed. It is common to locate custom-made shades and blinds in most hardware stores and online stores.

Question: What happens if I don’t want to put in my own blinds or shades?

A: Several home improvement shops and online retailers provide installation services for blinds as well as shades. This is a great alternative if you’re not confident in installing them yourself or do not possess the necessary time.

Q What are some suggestions for cleaning shades and blinds?

A: The majority of shades and blinds can be cleaned using the use of a damp cloth. If your shades or blinds are made from a delicate material, you might need to consult the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

Here are a few extra tips to measure and putting in shades and blinds:

  • Make use of a measuring tape that is precise to within 1/8 inch.
  • Round your measurements either up or down until you get the closest total number.
  • Take note of the opening of your window, not the frame.
  • If you’re putting your blinds or shades within the frame of your window, make certain to determine the thickness of the window frame.
  • Follow the directions that came with your shades or blinds attentively.
  • If you’re not confident making your blinds or shades by yourself, you could engage a professional to handle this for you.

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