How far should vertical blinds be off the window sill?

The best length for blinds that are vertical and that are off the window sill should be between 8-12mm. This gives enough space to stop the blinds from moving across the sill while still allowing for adequate light control. When the blinds sit placed too near to the sill they might be difficult to operate and may damage the sill. When the blinds sit away from the sill, they may not be able to provide sufficient privacy or control of light.


Question: How do I know what happens if the window is quite deep?

If your window sill is extremely deep, it may be a good idea to think about putting blinds within the recess. This will create an elegant look and also keep the blinds from sliding across the sill.

Question: What should I do if the window is low?

The window sill is particularly low, you might think about installing the blinds away from the recess. This will allow you to make sure that the blinds are able for them to function correctly.

A: So, what happens if I’d like to create an even more striking look?

A: If you’re looking to achieve a more extravagant look, you might be thinking about placing the blinds close than the windowsill. This will bring attention to your blinds, and will also create an intimate feeling in the space.

Question: How do I go about it happens if I’d like to make an open and airy style?

A: If you’re looking to create an airy and open appearance, you might think about placing blinds farther away off the sill of your window. This can help make the space appear larger and also let more light flood into the space.

Here are a few more ideas for blinds on the vertical side:

  • Take note of the width and height of your window.
  • You should allow for a 1 to 2-inch over the entire width of your window.
  • Select the best kind of hardware to match the window you have.
  • Install the blinds as per the directions of the manufacturer.
  • Make sure to clean the blinds on a regular basis to ensure they look the best they can.

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